Polyester POY (partially oriented yarn) is a type of polyester filament yarn

Abstract:What Is Polyester POY (Partially Oriented Yarn)?Polyester POY (partially oriented yarn) is a type of polyester filament ...
What Is Polyester POY (Partially Oriented Yarn)?

Polyester POY (partially oriented yarn) is a type of polyester filament yarn that is used as the primary raw material for a variety of textile products. It is a versatile yarn that delivers durability, resilience, and excellent tensile strength to the final products it is used in. It also resists creasing, shrinking, and wrinkling, making it an ideal choice for garment manufacturing.

POY is manufactured through a process called melt spinning, which involves melting polyester chips or flakes and extruding them into continuous filaments. It is then cooled, which allows it to solidify into its finished state. In addition to its excellent tensile strength, POY has other important properties that make it an ideal textile for a wide range of applications.

Its resistance to wrinkles, creases, and shrinkage makes it an excellent choice for fabrics that will be regularly washed. Additionally, it is resistant to mildew and stains, which means that the fabrics it is used in will be durable and will hold their shape after repeated use. POY is also highly dyeable, which gives it the ability to be dyed into a wide range of colors.

The global polyester POY market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.3% during the forecast period, driven by demand for apparel and increasing e-commerce activity worldwide. The POY market is also expected to experience significant growth in the tire cord segment, as it is a critical component of vehicle tires. This is because it helps in maintaining the structural integrity of the tire and supports the weight, which leads to higher mileage and better performance.

POY yarn is also highly durable, which means that the fabrics made from it will have a longer lifespan than other fabrics. This durability is supported by its high tenacity, which ensures that the fabric will remain strong even after extensive wear and tear. POY is also an excellent choice for textiles, as it has good elasticity and can be easily stretched to create a wide range of styles.

POY can be produced in a wide variety of textures and lusters, including semi-dull POY, bright POY, and trilobite bright DTY. This is because the POY can be texturized by using several different techniques. These include crimps, twists, loops, and interlaces.

The Barmag direct spinning system offers many benefits to POY manufacturers, including high production rates, consistent quality, easy dyeability, and excellent yarn evenness and U%. In addition, the system can be used to produce various types of textured yarns, including DTY and ITY. To learn more about how the system can improve your production, contact us today.