Dyeing formula of polyester yarn?

Abstract:Polyester fabric is widely used in various textiles and apparel fabrics due to its high strength, good resilience, excel...

Polyester fabric is widely used in various textiles and apparel fabrics due to its high strength, good resilience, excellent wear resistance, good dimensional stability, and good wrinkle resistance. The dyeing of polyester package yarn is carried out on the high temperature and high pressure package dyeing machine by high temperature and high pressure dyeing method. Due to the tight structure of polyester fibers, disperse dyes hardly dye under low temperature conditions. Only when the temperature is raised to above 90 ℃, the dye uptake gradually increases. When the temperature reaches above 110 ℃, the movement of the polymer segment of amorphous in polyester fiber is intensified, which increases the micro-gap, reduces the resistance of the dye molecules to diffuse into the fiber, increases the diffusion speed of the dye molecules, and increases the dispersion dye. The rate increases rapidly. The satisfactory dyeing effect can only be obtained up to 130 ° C. The dye utilization rate is above 90%, the color is plump, and various dyeing fastnesses are excellent.



1. Dyeing process of polyester package yarn
1.1 Production materials and equipment
Polyester 100D network yarn, dye, glacial acetic acid, levelling agent, reducing cleaning agent, antistatic agent, RY-1180V high temperature and high pressure dyeing machinePolyester DTY Yarns Suppliers
1.2 Process flow and conditions and prescription:
The original yarn enters the factory-loose tube-chamfering-loading cage-enters the dyeing tank-pretreatment (de-sizing, scouring, bleaching in one, processing at 100 ℃ for 20 minutes, soaping agent 1g / L to degrease)-water washing- Add the dissolved dyes and additives into the dyeing tank to invade the dyeing tank in sequence—add yarn dyeing (1 ℃ / 1min) and raise the temperature to 70 ℃ for 10min— (1 ℃ / 1min) to 100 ℃ for 10min— (1 ℃ / min) Warm up to 130 ℃ and keep warm for 45-60min—high temperature drainage—wash water—reduction cleaning (30min treatment at 100 ℃, for dark colors) —wash water—acetic acid neutralization—wash water (with antistatic agent) — Dehydration-drying.
Dyeing prescription (according to fabric weight):
Disperse dyes (o.w.f.) x
Glacial acetic acid 1.2g / L
Levelling agent 1.2g / L
Restore cleaning prescription
Glacial acetic acid 1.5g / L
       Reducing cleaning agent 1.5g / L
Antistatic agent prescription 1.0g / L